Approach the observable...examine movement and pattern...highlight the abstract..  

Weathering, splintering, natural decay and meandering growth of plants go unnoticed, usually.

Since I walk often in the woods, I am confronted regularly with massive, upended roots, fissured, furrowed tree barks, quirky burls.  Perhaps  because of boredom or reverie, gnarly shapes grab my attention and incite my curiosity.

I am attracted to junctures at which two disparate parts join, such as how a stem is connected to a leaf or a seed anchored to a pod. By focusing on such details, I begin to understand form.

The fun starts in the hyper examination of the tumbledown (this is when the ordinary can become the exceptional).   Through editing, focusing on form, changing scale and by repetitious mark-making, I create, in my mind, abstracted vignettes,  derived from the natural but reconstructed into somewhat ambiguous arrangements.